Body Clipping and Manes

We do clipping! Everything from a full body clip to any type of partial clip – Trace, Irish, Blanket, etc. to simple grooming clips of legs, whiskers, and bridle paths. Help keep your working horse in tip top shape all year with an appropriate type of clip! Fuel charges may apply depending upon travel time.

  • Grooming Clips – $50
  • Partial Clips $125-$175
  • Full Body Clip $250
  • Bathing $50

Some examples:

Go from THIS

1622829_411205412358155_1553010710_nto THIS!!! 1920287_414888255323204_37260570_n


We also offer mane services- from roaching to shortening for $35 a horse! Keep your horse’s mane looking show ready and their neck cooler!

Before and afters:

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