12 years old chestnut 14 hh
Paso Fino mare

Bonita is a smooth gaited fun little mare who tried her heart out at all challenges. She did great at her first 25 miler endurance ride and is an excellent trail horse.



14 years old pinto 13.2 hh
American Shetland gelding

Calypso is an athletic pony who excelled over fences, on trails, and in the arena. He found a great home as a children’s pony.



Chargers Tiramisu (Tira)
3 years old buckskin 14.3 hh
Morgan mare

Tira is a fun young mare who loves jumping! She found a great home with a career in dressage. *client horse



Chargers Jamacian Flame (Rio)
3 years old rabacino chestnut 15.3 hh
Morgan mare

Rio is a lovely mare who is going to be huge when she’s done growing! She found a caring home with a career in the western disciplines. *client horse



9 years old black 14.2 hh
Morgan/Arab gelding

Eli is a great horse who is very versatile- doing endurance rides one day and eager to jump a cross country course the next! He has found an wonderful home with a career in endurance and eventing.



16 years old pinto 14.2 hh
Quarter pony/Arab gelding

Painter is an awesome “been there done that” gymkhana pony who’s also great on trails. He found a fantastic home as a all around best friend.



18 years old Bay 15.1 hh
Quarter horse gelding

Charlie is a sweet, solid, steady, mount with tons of experience on trails and reining training, who has found a wonderful home with a career on a drill team! *client horse



Reina Dorada (Reina)
8 years old 15.2 hh Buckskin Mustang mare

Reina is a flashy girl who’s lineage is from the Devil’s Garden herd with US Calvary influence (Morgans). She is a nice Spanish type with very smooth gaits. She’ll be great on the trails or in the arena. Reina found a great home, joining the family of Titans of Royalty Great Danes!



Lucky Target

12 years old, 15.3 hh, chestnut tobiano, National Show Horse (Arabian/Saddlebred)

Target is an awesome, well trained boy who has found a great home where he will continue doing what he does best- cruising on the trails and endurance riding! *client horse

photo 1



13 years old 15.1 hh, Quarter horse gelding

Buddy found a great home where he will be well loved and have a job teaching children to ride and learn how to take care of a horse! *client horse




6 years old, 14 hh, bay Arab gelding. Started under saddle, great with feet, barefoot, solid groundwork. This handsome guy has the potential to go in any direction! Rambo found a fantastic home with a potential future as a endurance/trail horse. * client horse




12 years old, 15.2′ hh, Brown Morgan gelding

Danny is a fun trail horse and found a great home with the same wonderful family that Joey did! *clients horse




6 years old, 15.2′ hh, Bay Arabian gelding

Joey goes english, western, and is great both in the arena and on the trails. He has been used as a lesson horse, guided trail rides, dressage work, and has also completed 2 LD endurance rides (Whiskeytown Chaser and Cache Creek). Joey found an absolutely wonderful home with a great family



10 years old 35″ inches Mini Pinto gelding

Oreo is a black and white pinto Mini gelding who is great with kids and has been used for birthday part pony rides and lessons. He went to a fantastic home as a very well loved family horse!


 Wendy’s Ebony Star (Star)
(Crescent Irish Cofy x C. Ebony’s Wendy)
18 years old 16 hh Tennessee Walking Horse gelding

Star is a sweet boy who loves the trails. He is a big boy with a big heart! He’s a fun, uncomplicated, and smooth ride. Star’s found his forever home on a huge, beautiful ranch with a fantastic family!



Magnitude’s Valentino
13 years old 14.2 hh Arabian gelding

Tino is a sweet, handsome gelding. He loves attention and making friends and is a joy to ride! Tino rocks the trails along with jumping with easy and looking fancy in the dressage ring. He’s going to a fantastic home in Arizona to be spoiled and well loved as an all around family horse!

photo 5page-break-revisedHigh Mountain Jubilee (Romeo)  
My Rocky Mountain High x Airiya
11 years old 17 hh National Show Horse (Saddlebred/Arabian) gelding

Romeo is joining Star on a beautiful huge ranch as a well loved family horse and companion!


Southern Beau (BoBo)
Amir Fahim x Southern Drift
18 years old 16 hh Arabian gelding

Beau is a great boy. Calm and responsive he can be ridden around the ranch tackless, collect up for dressage, gently take care of a child rider in a lesson, try his hardest over every jump he’s pointed at, or effortlessly race the wind at a endurance ride!


8 years old 14 hh Morgan x Welsh gelding

Kenny is is great on the trails and has potential to be an awesome sport pony. Kenny is in a fabulous home- we look forward to following his adventures!



8 years old 17.3 hh Friesian/Oldenburg mare

Whinny is an intelligent, fun, beautiful, and talented mare! She found a fabulous home, we’re looking forward to seeing her excel in the show ring! *client horse



Enchanted Silver Storm Cloud (Stormy)
Silver dapple, mini colt
(Inch High Pay Offs Jigsaw x Sasha)

Stormy is one of our homebred babies! Out of Sasha, and by Jack. He has found the perfect home, to be a family member and possibly pull a cart! Looking forward to updates! Congratulations to Carol on her new addition!


Enchanted Rocky Balboa (Rocky)
Buckskin, pony colt
(Inch High Pay Offs Jigsaw x Gold Nugget)

Rocky is by our mini stallion Jack, and out of a lease pony mare. He has found a great home, and he’ll even be able to hang with his half brother, Stormy! Congratulations Teresa, on your new addition. Looking forward to future updates!



Jet Endurance
17 years old, 17.2 hh Percheron gelding
(Colleens Junior x Saf Chiefs Paula)

Jet is a fabulous, forward, trail horse who has found a great family home on a beautiful ranch! *client horse

22709692_325591814582394_1600088781_npage-break-revisedRising Philospher (Taryn)
4 years old, 14.2 hh Arabian/Haflinger gelding
(Socrates x KL Rising Storm by Khadraj NA+++/)

Taryn found the perfect home as a potential Tevis horse with a wonderful family! Looking forward to following his upcoming career in endurance!  *client horse


Congratulations to Ellsworth Horsemanship on the purchase of Leo. We wish him well in his future endeavors! We’re so glad he found the perfect home. 😃

Enchanted Leonardo 9 years old grade buckskin Azteca gelding.

“Knotty” Registered Grey Arabian gelding 16 years old 14.3 hh. Handsome and well mannered guy, needs miles but very willing to learn. Has been doing great on trails. Late start so no wear or tear. Solid barefeet and sound. We wish Knotty and his new owner Happy Trails!


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