Greener Pastures

Always Remembered, Never Forgotten, Always Loved, Forever Missed.

May you forever run free on greener pastures!


     Cody Catastrophe (Cody)
11 hh Shetland/Welsh gelding

Cody was my first pony. He was given to me for Christmas when I was 11 years old. He dumped me numerous times, was stubborn, and very food motivated! Cody taught me perseverance and how to get back on every time we fall, and how to succeed in a battle of wills. We did horse writing essays online shows, jumping, picnics, and galloped all over the neighborhood. I chose to let him go in 2010 when he told me it was time, at age 45 years old. He had a long life and touched many people with his personality, small in body but might in spirit!



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Fire Omen (Fire)
Khazzan x Koh May Girl
14.3 hh Arabian gelding

Fire was my first Arabian, we bought him when I outgrew my pony, I was 13 years old. He was extremely well trained, had been there done that and acted as if he were just getting started! I bought him as a spunky 18 year old who had been a western pleasure show horse and a rodeo queen’s main horse. I than proceeded to learn the basics of dressage, eventing, and how to really race the wind on the trails with him! He took fantastic care of me, literally it was sometimes only due to him alone that I stayed on his back. I lost him unexpectedly my senior year in high school when he was 25 years old due to heart failure.

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14.3 hh Arabian mare, 41 years old

Shasta peacefully crossed the rainbow bridge, and is running in greener pastures… From being rescued, to being the lesson horse, many birthday rides given… and inspiring the horse bug into young riders… She always gave her all and loved participating no matter what it was, as long as she was doing something! It was a great 4 years! <3 and I feel blessed and honored to have had this lovely ‘ol Arab gal in my life.



Nikiah NV (Niki)
JS Padronov x Hisans Nishami
2002 14.2 hh Arabian mare

We unexpectedly lost an exceptional mare to colic. This was very hard to write. Niki was a best friend, courageous, and always willing to give it her all and get a job done, no matter what it was- she loved a good challenge. She also took excellent care of her rider, never put a foot wrong.  The 6 years I had with her just weren’t enough. From an unbroke 10 year old to an awesome endurance horse, we had a blast racing the wind, jumping cross country jumps, swimming creeks, and navigating technical trails. I am very grateful we went to the multi day we went to in December, I will treasure those memories forever. I also have her daughter Arya, to follow in her dam’s hoofprints….

Run free in greener pastures Nikiah, I know your with the greats, forever and always.  😭💔🐎



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